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Torbat Heydarieh University of Medical Sciences is a state university which is located in Torbat Heydarieh, Iran. This university is affiliated to the ministry of health and medical education of Iran. This university began its mission as a faculty in 2010 with admission of 120 students in Nursing, Midwifery, Operation room, Anesthesiology.

With 6 vice chancellors covering the affairs of 3 faculties, 10 departments, 2 educational hospitals and 50 healthcare centers, THUMS tries to fulfill its Research, Education and Healthcare missions properly.

Currently, it offers 10 different subjects are offered at Bachelor's level: Midwifery, Nursing, Environmental Health, Public Health, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Operating Room, Anesthesia Technology, Prehospital Emergency Care,  Dental Health, and Health Information Technology.

Furthermore, two research centers for Neuroscience and Medical Biotechnology will be launched in the near future.


دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تربت حیدریه


Vision and Mission

The main mission of THUMS is to improve and promote the standards of medical education and research and provide the highest health status and medical services for all people in society through educating qualified students and researchers. To achieve the mentioned purposes THUMS will:

  • Promotion of quantity and quality of education at local and national level
  • Attract and develop diverse and talented academic staff
  • Creating new educational fields and developing postgraduate programs
  • Enhance our intellectual and technological environment to foster creative students and researchers
  • Develop and maintain excellent clinical programs to provide outstanding care
  • Observe the highest standards of ethics, integrity and compassionate care
  • Apply advances in research and medicine to the improvement of the human condition locally and nationally
  • Have scientific exchanges in terms of students, academic staff and so on.
  • Deliver medical education curriculum through using modern educational techniques including virtual education, simulation, educational technologies, and new teaching methods (online teaching and face to face teaching)
  • Benefit from the experiences of international universities and institutes including world health organization, UNESCO, UNISEF and so on.